In the light of recent events


Art group protests against the atrocities in Aleppo

Aleppo was a lively beautiful historic city. Now it’s bombarded to the ground including the mass murder of civilians.
The Danish-German art group Surrend has a long history of doing political art – especially against Putin – who is now together with the Assad regime behind the atrocities in Aleppo.
But instead of launching a hard, satirical attack on Putin and the Syrian regime, Surrend has decided to do a poetic protest on the social media with two beautifully painted pictures of the old Aleppo – before it was destroyed.
„We had left political art, but the atrocities waged against civilians and the destruction of what used to be a beautiful town is a crime against humanity and civilization, so we had to react“, say Jan Egesborg and Johannes Töws from Surrend.
In 2010 Surrend left political art because it was too dangerous and instead began to write children’s books.
The two painted pictures of Aleppo can be free downloaded from here and spread around the social media.